welcomeLarry and Laura Anderson are ordained by Revival Ministries International,the ministry of Rodney Howard Browne and are associates in Ministry now with him .Although they have their own ministry,many of those manifestation have broke out in their meetings as well.The fire of God is their main thrust.They have been a part of 2 major Crusades in Africa with him as well as holding their own mass crusade in Durban,South Africa with 20,000 in attendance.

Larry and Laura Anderson gave their lives to Jesus and made Him Lord of their lives in 1979 in the Jesus movement.

Their first church was Calvary Chapel Pastored by Chuck Smith of Costa Mesa, Calif.

After serving faithfully in the helps ministry for 15 years,teaching,planting cell groups and street outreach the Lord moved them to St Louis,Mo under the ministry of Rick Shelton of Life Christian Church to be the inner city Pastors/evangelists out of his church

In 1994 a man of God named Rodney Howard Browne of South Africa came to minister and that same mantle came upon Larry and Laura.

After being sent to Rodney Howard-Browne's bible school in 1997 the Lord called them to travel the world lighting Revival fire.

They have preached in 38 nations including USA, S Africa,Haiti,most of Scandinavia, Latvia,Honduras and even a live TV into the Vatican City,Rome Italy.

In 2000 they were privileged to go to Honduras with TL Osborn and minister in a large Crusade with 100,000 in attendance.

In 2008 the Lord spoke to Reinhardt Bonnke to bring 50 fiery Revivalists to him for 2 days of one on one ministry,and out of 8000 people Larry and Laura were asked to come.We will never forget the opportunity and praise the Lord for choosing us.

Laura sat across the isle from Joyce Meyer for 4 years in the same church and has been greatly influenced by her as well as spending one on one time with Paula White so has a love for raising up the women as well.

Last year after 3 visits to Norway,ministering in the local churches,the Lord spoke to her to light the Fire in Norway to bring revival to the nation .Laura's family is from Norway so it holds a special place in her heart.

While Larry is very much involved in their ministry with Cameras,other media and administration,Laura is the one God has called to spread the Fire in the Church's around the World.

I believe there is a transference of wealth coming from the nations into the church,and we are in the finniest hour IF we are plugged into God's Glory.We must stop the radical Muslims from taking over,this will be done in Gods Glory as Haggaii 2 says"the gold and the Glory is mine"

The system of man is falling and Gods Kingdom is starting to reign.

In March of 2008,the Lord spoke to Larry and Laura and told them to plant a Church in St Louis,Mo so He could show forth His Glory.

As they obeyed,they were thrust into an Apostolic work and continue to travel on a limited basis .Norway is an International focus now.

They have appeared on TBN a Christian TV station for one week preaching Fire and Glory and have spoken Prophetically to the Vice Pres of Zambia in a private requested meeting by him.

They were also used of God to speak against the voodoo in the Nation of Haiti in the biggest church 2004 and saw the overthrow of that country's evil leadership fall that same night,as the forces took over their hotel room and they were able to escape hours before the airport was shut down.

Thousands have been trained up by them around the world in power evangelism on the streets.

They realise none of this would have been possible except by the calling and power of the Word and the Holy Spirit,and days of preparation.